Online Collectibles Store

Hello and welcome to The Vault Collectibles. We’re a small business that’s an online collectibles store that started selling in 2017. When we first started we were in Massachusetts, solely focused on selling Tech Deck fingerboards on eBay, and completely bicycle based. Riding to get inventory, listing on eBay, then delivering sold inventory to the post office via bicycle.

For years things were going great, but economic changes forced a pivot in the business model. Cost of living Massachusetts great increased which drove business down to central Florida. The Tech Deck fingerboard market dried up pretty quick, so we started getting different inventory. We expanded into diecast cars (like Hot Wheels), sports cards (selling my personal collection), coffee mugs, and other miscellaneous collectibles.

The business was going well, we were actually growing faster, and that’s where it now leads us, to our own website to sell collectibles. The seller fees and tax changes on eBay made the “eBay premium” too high to justify the amount of work to profit to value we provide.

Check out our collectibles store and make a purchase, we would greatly appreciate it. The more we are able to sell, the more we are able to bring you great collectibles.

If you are looking for something that we don’t have on our site feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with what we acquire… some of the items will not be for sale, but most will be. Who am I kidding, everyone has a price.

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